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Underwater Repair and Maintenance

Triton Diving Services Ltd provides a fast response team of certified class approved welders for a number of different underwater maintenance and repair solutions for various individual applications anywhere in the world.
Using specially designed cofferdams, defective shell plating sections can be replaced in hours. Our welding procedures are approved by the classification surveyors. Our efficient and cost effective service is carried out on location or place of accident. Temporary repairs are carried out on site in order to make the vessel safe and secure.

Underwater Repair & Maintenance

Propeller repairs:

  • Removal of damaged blade sections
  • Crack repairs
  • Restoration of damaged blade tips
  • Replacement of Controllable Pitch blades and blade seals
  • Diameter and blade area reduction
  • Blade straightening

Shell plating repairs:

  • Dry weld permanent repair of shell plating and appendages
  • Dry weld installation & replacement of Discharges Sea Chests, etc.
  • Anode Installation
  • Cavitation Repairs
  • Insert Repairs
  • Welding and cutting underwater with Oxy Arc electric tools, cable and oleo-dynamic tools in various methods;

Maintenance Services:

  • Valve Repair Solutions – We stock and can produce on site a large number of fabricated blanks for all kinds of sea-chest grids, discharge ports etc.;
  • Replacement of Echo Sounders and Speed Logs
  • ICCP installation and replacements;
  • Sea-chest grids fabrication and replacement;
  • Replacement of Echo Sounders and Speed Logs
  • Impressed Cathodic Protection replacement
  • Grid replacements
  • Epoxies, Patches, Inserts, etc.