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Hull Cleaning

Underwater cleaning and propeller polishing of vessels carried out while the vessel is loading or offloading by the terminal quay as well as at the anchorage. The maintenance of the hull and propellers is indispensable for vessels in operation as it turns out to be the most economical solution reducing the drag and excessive fuel costs. Ships with rough hulls often also have rough propellers, although the reasons for the surface deterioration after a period of time in-service are different. In the past researchers, as well as practical ship operators, have focused their attention mainly on the hull maintenance problem.

Triton Diving Services Ltd operates the multi-brush cleaning system for hull cleaning. The machine is capable of cleaning up to 700m2 per hour using appropriate bristles to protect the shell plating coating system. The brushes which are used specifically for each operation are configured to remove any type of soft or hard marine growth.

Underwater Hull Cleaning and Propeller Polishing

Propeller Polishing

For Propeller polishing the company operates a high speed polishing system which specifically is designed for multi stage polishing discs. The polishing consists of a three stage process, comprising the blades, blade roots, propeller boss and cone.

Firstly, the propeller is polished with using a coarse grade abrasive removing all the algae, weed and shell fouling. The propeller then undergoes a second polishing using a very fine abrasive polishing the surface to approximately 2 micron C.L.A. Finally, the last operation depending on the condition of the propeller will be to polish it using a special buffer pad to achieve the 1 micron C.L.A.