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Operating Worldwide and with containerised systems, Triton Diving Services Ltd offers various services relating to the oil and gas sectors.

Triton Diving Services - Offshore

Specialized services for underwater services for the oil & gas sector including:

  • Underwater photographic inspections and surveys, with CCTV with direct video/audio contact with divers;
  • Pipeline and P.L.E.M. servicing;
  • Underwater Surveys including ACFM or Eddy Current performed by qualified divers recognised by International Classification;
  • Underwater cutting and welding;
  • Cofferdam fabrications;
  • Renewal and maintenance of sea-water intakes and sea-lines, with internal cleaning of lines and channels from incrustations and sediments of various nature with oleo-dynamic and water pressure tools for the treatment of iron and concrete surfaces; dismantling, substitution and maintenance of underwater valves, bulkheads, relative guides and drainage plants;